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She is my SUN and every RAY attached to it yet we’re both affected by “CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE” just hers is a mutation called “DIFFUSE MESANGIAL SCLEROSIS”..
Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis – AJKD Blog

She is my champion my hero and all the reasons I stay strong today she makes my feel like a complete wimp here it is she continues to laugh and smile when all I can do is breakdown inside because the disease she has is so uncommon she is the first within our state of Minnesota who has been diagnosed with it so that leave me to believe these doctors and nurses have no idea on how to treat her…

As I have said before you have to walk through thunderstorms to appreciate the sunshine…


Published by MoniMan

Down to earth, open minded, eager to learn new things, undergoing kidney failure, learning growth is a process. From years ago I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and last December my 2yr old daughter was diagnosed with the same (CKD) yet her underlying cause is diffuse masengial sclerosis which will eventually lead to a kidney transplant so indeed my hands are full. I come fromba checkered pass a complete dysfunctional upbeing not having neither biological parent in HOME so being the best parent i can be is a priority of mine most importantly i love to love. i feed off positive energy and creativity ; i believe one hand washes the other.

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